Concept analysis and valuation Eindhoven, Netherlands

Concept analysis and valuation Eindhoven, Netherlands – Eindhoven

Key Service: Planning & Development
Location: Eindhoven
Product: Concept analysis

Project description: Horwath HTL has conducted a concept analysis and valuation for District E, a future mixed-use development on the Stationsplein in Eindhoven. The properties are set to be a meeting point for businesses and locals with a vibrant mix of leisure, expo and tinker spaces. The lifestyle hotel and short stay accommodations will be developed in the western-tower. The complex will also boast a debating hotspot and skybar.

Horwath HTL approach: Our team has executed an extensive study, including an analysis of the crucial variables that impact supply along with demand now and in the future. The historical and projected market performance formed the basis for the financial projections resulting in the estimated future value of the property.


Project status: The construction of District E will start in upcoming years.